[GB] What in the Fuck Board - Extra Plates
[GB] What in the Fuck Board - Extra Plates
[GB] What in the Fuck Board - Extra Plates
[GB] What in the Fuck Board - Extra Plates
[GB] What in the Fuck Board - Extra Plates

[GB] What in the Fuck Board - Extra Plates

Material: Aluminum
Product description

Comes in 5 Materials

  • White POM
  • Gunmetal Aluminum 5052
  • Frosted PC
  • Black Carbon Fiber
  • Matte Black FR4


  • Southpaw XT Alice
  • 6063 aluminum piece.
  • Mounting System: Sandwich, or Top Mount
  • 7 Degree Typing Angle
  • Seamless and Screwless
  • 17.5mm Front Height Near Spacebars and 19.5mm Elsewhere
  • Supports Mirrored Numpad, Split BS, Stepped Caps, and Split RShift


    • 1 Plate
    • Hotswap Screws/Standoffs

    Groupbuy Information: 

    Fulfillment time: 6 Months after GB Close, subject to delays.

    Sale Period: 9/16/22 - 10/14/22

    MOQ 1: 100 Units each for Wrist Rests and Kits

    No cancellations or refunds after the group buy had ended.

    If the MOQ is not met within the set period all orders will be canceled and refunded in full.

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