What is a Group Buy?

A Group Buy, commonly referred to as "GB" is a form of preorder for a product that requires a minimum amount of orders to be produced and fulfilled. A GB that does not meet its Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is cancelled and all buyers are refunded. There is normally an order period and then a production period after the end date, taking several weeks to several months before Fulfillment. By ordering any item with the "[GB]" prefix you agree to the following terms and disclaimers.


For GBs the shipping date is a very rough estimate subject to change, and is based on the manufacturers production, as soon as all items are received, fulfillment begins to customers, with communications throughout all stages. All charges incurred by shipping providers and governmental bodies after shipment that is unrelated to mistakes on our part are the sole responsibility of the customer to pay. These include customs fees and other local duties.


As stated before, the delivery date is subject to change, and the nature of certain finishes such as anodization will cause slight color differences. All delays and defects will be communicated to buyers and all buyers will receive an item that meets our quality standards.

By purchasing a group buy or pre-order product you agree to the terms laid out above.